Potato Skin Garnish – Make your Potato Dishes Pop!

Background It is not uncommon for you to go to a restaurant and see potato skins on the menu. Those stuffed skins typically come from the scraps of potatoes used for french fries and potato chips. The food industry re-purposes them in order to help lower food cost. A little over a week ago, I... Continue Reading →

Gingerbread Cheesecake

Background While I'm certain that this has been done before, I still had a great time making this gingerbread cheesecake. I got this idea when I had just finished preparing the gingerbread squares used for the gingerbread ice cream sandwiches at The Perfect Caper. Every time I prepped this item there was always a significant... Continue Reading →

Modern Banquets Day 1-4

As I had mentioned before, Modern Banquets had started off pretty rough.  My group of four lacked one member due to family issues and we were not synergizing well as a team at all.  It was very frustrating and I feel that I was just as much to blame as my team.  Yesterday was the... Continue Reading →

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