My drive and passion

I have enjoyed cooking for as long as I can remember.  I know that sounds cliche but it really is true.  One of my first experiences in the kitchen was helping my father make scrambled eggs.  It was a simple task, crack the eggs in a bowl, add a splash of milk and then whisk them.  Nothing fancy, no white table cloths and no waiters in tuxedos.  It was just classic home cooking.  And for some reason I always reveled in the fact that I could take an ingredient, something as simple as an egg, and then change it into something completely different.

My ideal career path would be to end up working as a food critic.  Someone in a paid position who gets to visit restaurants and test recipes while giving insightful criticism, not to belittle chefs, but rather enhance both their palate and my own.  I feel that the precursor to this is going to be working in the industry for 20+ years, maybe longer.  I really want to get a good understanding of different cuisines and how different dishes are properly prepared.  I would be just as enthusiastic to work as a line cook in French Laundry as I would be to become an executive chef on a cruise ship and I feel that my dedication and pride towards the work that I create has the potential to be on par with those chefs.  Working with food has always been something I enjoy.

Now that I have passed through nearly 2 terms at the CIA I have begun to refine and hone the styles I like to cook with.  I personally enjoy creating classical french dishes, using both the techniques and flavors.  I really would like to make Classical French Cooking my specialty or area of focus.  From that I want to begin to develop an even more in depth approach.  As much as I enjoy the classics, reworking them so that they have my own personal twang is quite interesting.  Keeping the subtle undertones of smooth fish volute and then crafting it into an elegant clam chowder is something that I feel can be challenging and rewarding.

Why?  The question that I always ask about everything.  My style, my career path and the choices I make each day, I think what It all boils down to, no pun intended, is being able to work with my hands and make people happy.  It is difficult to take a bite of a rich slice of chocolate cake and not shudder in delight.  Teaching and working with others to improve, enhance and change the way that things are done is also something I take great joy in.  Food is the root of my drive, my passion.

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