Potato Skin Garnish – Make your Potato Dishes Pop!


It is not uncommon for you to go to a restaurant and see potato skins on the menu. Those stuffed skins typically come from the scraps of potatoes used for french fries and potato chips. The food industry re-purposes them in order to help lower food cost.

A little over a week ago, I was watching someone work with potatoes. After cleaning each potato, she picked up her knife and began to chiffonade, or finely shave, the skins. She ended up with hundreds of tiny 2 inch strings. I asked her what she did that for, she said that in her family, they would typically save the skins and use them for garnish. Just take some flour and lightly dust them. Pan fry them for no more than 30 seconds and then you have a crispy, tasty garnish that helps lower food waste.


Clean Potato Skins
Butter or oil


1.  Clean the potatoes and peel them. You can always use this garnish for whatever potato dish you are making.
2.  Then, line a small bowl with about an inch of flour. Make sure the skins are completely dry. Carefully lower the skins into the flour and mix.
3.  Using a strainer, strain out skins from the flour and reserve.
4.  Next, heat a pan to medium heat and coat generously with fat. If you have access to one, a deep fat fryer is the easiest way to do this.
5.  Drop the skins in the hot fat, making sure not to splatter the oil.
6.  Cook until golden brown, no more than 30 seconds. Remove from pan and place on a wire rack to let excess fat drain. Using a paper towel will only cause the item to re-absorb the excess fat.


If kept in an airtight container the garnish should last for a few days.

All in all, this is an easy way to reduce the amount of waste you have when you make a dish with potatoes. Mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, soups or even french fries can be complimented with this garnish. Enjoy!
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