At least the consomme’ was clear – worst day so far

Today was the worst day I have had at the school.  My team and I earned a 50% for our daily grade meaning that we failed the day. The day started of alright.  We got into class and I had the consomme on around 8.00 am.  Then, I jumped on some of the various prep... Continue Reading →

Chef Reilly Analysis

A champion can win on anyone's grass Chef John Reilly This is a quote I frequently heard from Chef Reilly.  He made sure to push everyone in class everyday.  From the start of day one until now, my second to last day of Modern Banquets, I have enjoyed every second of class. Day one I... Continue Reading →

The great knife skills race.

We have moved into the banquet portion of modern banquets.  As a result, the format of the class has changed somewhat.  The old itinerary was prep, service and then family meal and lecture.   Now with the new changes the class switches and we have our lecture around 7.00am and then family meal at 10.00am.... Continue Reading →

My drive and passion

I have enjoyed cooking for as long as I can remember.  I know that sounds cliche but it really is true.  One of my first experiences in the kitchen was helping my father make scrambled eggs.  It was a simple task, crack the eggs in a bowl, add a splash of milk and then whisk... Continue Reading →

Striving for excellence.

Today I completed my second week of modern banquets cookery.  We have really jumped into the buffet portion of the class.  The amount of food that we make each day is still the same but the techniques for cooking it are somewhat different.  For example, when we cooked vegetables for plated service we usually cooked... Continue Reading →

Making new friends!

I had the pleasure of working in the tutoring center with new students today. They had just begun their journey through the CIA and were in the Learning Center to practice knife cuts.  The most fascinating thing was that these students were from the most recent start date.  They hadn't even had class yet.  They were... Continue Reading →

It’s Day 11 and you still can’t cook damn vegetables…

I want to preface this review by saying I have a lot of respect for the chefs at the CIA.  I understand that most of them strive to do their best and that they make a valiant effort to pay attention to detail in the kitchen.  The students also deserve credit.  They (AM Classes), wake... Continue Reading →

Hammer Stahl 8″ Chef Knife

As a Christmas gift I got a new chef knife.  This was some time ago but I finally got to really work with it and I have begun to figure out how I feel about it.  Just some background information. Hammer Stahl is a company that uses German Steel blades that is then shipped to... Continue Reading →

Collards: All in one meal

Background Collards are a staple food for many southern cuisines. The green leafy vegetable takes hours to cook down and reduce so that you can eat it with ease. When making collards two by-products are often discarded; both the stems and cooking liquid are not used to their full potential. For hundreds of years have... Continue Reading →

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