What Fish ID is Really Teaching Me

We are halfway through our Fish Identification and fabrication.  Unfortunately we have missed two days of class due to the ridiculous weather up here in New York.  For those of you who don’t know we have had about 32 inches of snow over the course of the past 2 days.  Another interesting fact is that the school has only closed 7 times in the past 10 years and 4 of those closures have been this year.

Fish fabrication is actually quite interesting.  The fabrication part is quite simple.  We have learned three methods of filleting a fish.  They are all simple methods and really don’t take that much skill.  You have to be careful and focused but as long as you are paying attention it is quite easy.  Up and over, flat cut and straight cut are the three methods we have learned and are used depending on what the anatomy of the fish is.  Fish with hard bones are fabricated with the up and over technique whereas fish that have softer bones get cut with the straight cut method.

We have also been learning how to identify different fish and the families that they belong to.  For example salmon and rainbow trout are both in the same family but they taste and look entirely different.

While the fish facts make up the core of the class I have been pleasantly surprised at the additional material we cover each day.  Our class has always had somewhat of a volatile chemistry.  Many small things get blown out of proportion and there is an excessive amount of drama.  Jen, the MIT or teachers aide has really been helping our class become more of a team and work together better.  We had a day recently where the leader was telling us one instruction and someone interrupted to disagree.  Jen silenced the person who was interrupting and gave us a small talk on why we need to listen to our leader.  Our class has grown stronger as a whole.  We also have started to reduce the drama and talking that really beleaguered our class.

We still have the lecture portion of class remaining and while I’m certain we will learn a lot more, I feel like the leadership portion won’t be focused on as much.  Fish has been interesting and quite informative and I have enjoyed each and every second of it.

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