Lunch with a “Bubblehead”.

I had one of the most interesting meals today in Modern Banquets; not because of the food though. I was pleasantly surprised when a gentleman looking to be in his mid 50s sat down with two of my friends. He didn't say much at first but when appetizers came out the words began to flow.... Continue Reading →

Day 2 Meat Fabrication and ID

Today I began Day 2 of my journey in Meat Fabrication and ID. The instructor, who I refer to as chef, is a cornucopia of knowledge. He has been working in this industry for quite some time and has developed a high level of competency in his craft. Watching him work with different parts of... Continue Reading →

Signs of a Chef

After working with chefs frequently it becomes clear who is a chef. Distinguishing signs such as burns, scars and food related tattoos can be seen scattered across their body. It really is interesting. The kitchen has always been a dangerous place. In medieval times chefs would die young from fires in the kitchen and inhaling... Continue Reading →

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